Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's Give Them Something to Blog About

OK, it has been over two years. I am aware of this fact. I have never felt like I had anything very interesting to talk about, so I didn't keep up with the blog. I have also never felt like I was that great of a writer. I have had a change of heart, and decided to join the blog bandwagon once again. Some days may be more interesting than others, but at least I will be blogging something right?

On April 6th, I will be undergoing Gastric Bypass Surgery. I have a lot of friends who will be wondering about the progress I make during this journey in my life, and I think that it will be a lot easier if I just blogged about it.

It has been a long process and I have contemplated whether or not this is the right decision. I weighed the pros and cons of the surgery. I went through a 6 month diet and exercise plan with the help of my dietitian and Dr. and decided that GBP was the surgery that would be most successful for me. All my paperwork was submitted to my insurance company in Jan. and about 2 weeks later I was approved! I am nervous, but excited about the outcome. I know that the road will be bumpy and at times, even long. For me, the sacrifice is small compared to the reward.